Years of Experience

We have been in business since 2002


T riple "M" Mining (Pty) Ltd is a well known, well established mining service provider in the South African Hard Rock mining industry.

With 1505 employees underground we wholeheartedly subscribe to implement Black Empowerment principles, and strive to secure our future by pro-actively uplifting, training, developing and motivating our employees.

Triple "M" has painstakingly built up an exceptionally strong management team with an extensive range of expertise in the mining industry to successfully guide the company into the new millennium. Our unique strategy emphasizes the need for innovative human resource management and customer care. All the services we provide are goal-driven and client-focused. We set and demand from our workforce the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

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I n terms of our contractual agreements, the Occupational Health Centers at the relevant client mine supplies Certificates of Fitness. We insist that records of all Triple "M" employees who perform risk work are kept and monitored by the Medical Centre at the mine.

Triple "M" will supply all the relevant information and progress reports requested by the client mine and accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of statistical data related to service output. Triple "M" further undertakes to train all its employees about mine standards and ensures that they attend and pass all the courses for the proper and safe performance of work. Proof of attendance and passes will be supplied to the line manager.

Triple "M" Mining (Pty) Ltd

in addition, agrees that:
  • All medical surveillance and medical fitness tests as well as other requirements for our workforce will be carried at facilities prescribed by the client mine.
  • Medical surveillance and fitness will be carried out in accordance with the client mine's rules and regulations, and all statutory requirements such as the Mine Health and Safety Act, the Minerals Act and the Occupational Disease Act.
  • In the event of a medical emergency involving any member of the Triple "M" workforce, including authorized representatives, sub-contractors, agents or visitors, the client mine will provide all medical services for the account of Triple "M".
  • Triple "M" will furnish the mine manager with a list of names, addresses and relevant phone numbers of key personnel who can be contacted, when warranted, around-the-clock